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Technology Projects

“Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

The computer lab continues to be a very busy place.  Students today are digital learners. No matter what project they are introduced to, students grasp the concept and carry it further than could be imagined. Knowledge and expertise developed while working together in the lab, translates into more efficient use of the classroom Chromebook carts. All classrooms have a dedicated Chromebook cart for student use.

Kindergarten students' first job in the computer lab is to master logging in. At home, practice typing their district assigned login credentials.  Students will work on a variety of projects using Kid Pix and learn to access skill-building websites all while applying relevant technology skills to their academic curriculum.  

First graders should practice typing their log-in information at home. Mastery will help them to be able to get right to work on our many projects. During the course of the year students will work on word processing skills, internet research, and many other exciting activities. 

Second graders have mastered the art of logging in and will be challenging their word processing skills with lots of poetry pages and seasonal projects. We use a variety of websites, including one for keyboarding practice. They will also be learning how to use the computer for research.

Third graders will continue to expand their use of technology to include internet research and presentation software. They will develop word processing skills, continue to master keyboarding, and use Power Point along with Google Suite Apps to create presentations that reflect the curriculum.

Fourth graders will be excited to produce projects using iMovie. They will complete a project reflecting their interests and use iMovie Trailers to illustrate a variety of topics. Students will use many of the creative applications on the iMacs and  work extensively in Google Docs and Google Classroom.

Fifth graders will continue to augment word processing skills and mastery of keyboarding. Students will produce projects using Keynote, Kid Pix, Power Point and work extensively in Google Classroom and the Google Suite. Their projects will be individual as well as group assignments. Many projects will be presented to their classmates. 

These are just some of the innovative Project-Based Learning assignments that our students will be engaged in during the school year. Please stop in at the computer lab anytime to see what your students are working on.