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Why Choose Green Oaks?

Green Oaks is great place to learn!

Our program is very academic with high expectations for students, staff, and families alike. Our facilities are neat and clean. The well-kept, beautiful campus backs right up to Orangevale Park. There are many reasons to attend Green Oaks Fundamental School. The following is a list generated by our students;     

  • We learn perseverance so we never give up
  • Field trips are interesting and fun
  • Teachers are kind and helpful
  • After school activities like choir and tennis
  • Everyone welcoming to new students
  • A lot of reading
  • Good sports equipment
  • Friendly and safe learning environment
  • We have a fun time learning new things in our classroom
  • Discovery Club
  • Awesome library with a ton of books for people who love to read
  • Teach skills we’ll need later in life
  • Fun games and activities in PE
  • Talent Show
  • Kids are kind and caring
  • Bullies discouraged
  • Everyone knows your name
  • Students learn what they need to know
  • Students expected to follow rules and regulations
  • Teachers help you fit right in
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