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Certified Nature Habitat

Green Oaks Discovery Club News

As some of you may know, my kiddos and I run a certified nature center from the back window of our classroom. To date, we’ve identified 58 different species of birds from our window and around campus. We were one of 50 school sites that was selected to be part of the “FeederWatch” program from last November until this April. We documented all species that we saw from our window, two consecutive days a week, and turned in all of our logs to be used as actual scientific data for ornithologists studying migratory bird patterns. Within those six months, we successfully counted 1,672 individual birds in our nature area between November and April!

Since beginning this project in 2020, we have had the pleasure of watching two different bird families nest in our bird house with a camera. The kids have been able to document all stages: initial nest building, egg laying, egg incubating, hatching of the nestlings, various feedings, and eventually getting to see the baby fledglings leave the nest! 

Finally, through our nature area project we have acquired two donors who graciously donate their time (The Roseville Better Gardens Club has come out to lead workshops with our kids) and supplies (Wild Birds and Gardens donates two 20lb bags of birdseed a month to help, as well as a 20% discount for buying other seed). Through the Roseville Better Gardens Club we entered into the 2022 Smokey the Bear poster contest. I’m excited to announce that one of my Kindergarteners (Lincoln Stock) placed first for his age group and was sent a $25 check today from the garden club! Additionally, THREE of my fifth graders (Becky Kovalchuk, Paul Navarro-Baty, and Gavin Silva) had posters that were chosen at the Roseville Garden Club level to compete in the State Garden Club level. At the state level, among all the entries in California, Paul placed 3rd, Gavin placed 2nd, and Becky placed 1st. Becky was also awarded a $25 check today from the state! Her poster was sent off to the Pacific Region level competition (Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii) and she placed first AGAIN! Her poster is now competing at the National level, and if she wins, she and her family will be flown out to Washington DC for an official ceremony!

Join me in celebrating their awesome dedication in all areas of this nature project and send some awesome luck to Becky for the last round of judging!!!

Jenn Frates

Green Oaks Fundamental

Last Modified on June 20, 2022



Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary School has been recognized for creating a Certified Schoolyard Habitat through its Garden for Wildlife program.

The National Wildlife Federation stated the school has transformed their school yard into a thriving wildlife habitat that includes 15 different bird feeders, miniature picnic tables, a popsicle stick porch swing feeder, a bird feeder made out of Legos, and a “dessert bar” that holds orange slices and grape jelly to entice local tanagers, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and butterflies. The students and teachers have identified 20 different birds in recent months.

Great job Green Oaks!

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